The Podcast and Safe Spaces

Had another awesome Rappan Athuk session tonight, though just about every player was out sick with some kind of illness. So out of about 14 people only 3 showed up and only one was in good health. I’m pretty sure it’s Mummy Rot, but we persevered! It’s Christmas in March! Mike again runs his homebrew Action…

via Everyone is Sick! And Podcasts! — We Hate Bards

—  One of the many projects I have been involved with — Serving as Magister for the Realms Of Fantasy RPG and @froggodgames Rappan Athuk mega-dungeon — catch all the action here.



Will be at Mythopoeia Games Publications table at GrandCon Gaming & Comic Arts Convention Fri, Sat, and Sun, talking about the Realms Of Fantasy RPG and maybe signing some copies of the two source books written by me. As an added bonus, MGP’s sponsor We Hate Bards(the #1 role-playing game community in West Michigan) is also running the lion’s share of games this year, near 40 events including three sessions of Realms Of Fantasy RPG.


March Madness -The latest work is…

My second source book for Mythopoeia Games Publications, Monsters & Magic, has been unleashed into the world — or hurled into the void — enjoy!–Magic

The next update may be a while as I sequester myself and finish a paper to debut at this years’ 51st International Congress of Medieval Studies in May — “The Christian Singer in Tolkien’s Beowulf.