Fell short of my goal of 12 publications for a tumultuous 2021 but did manage a close amount of 10 for the year. Best wishes to all the editors, publisher, and writers I’ve interacted with or met this year and hope everyone has a productive and successful 2022.

Dead Reckonings No. 29 (Hippocampus Press) “Bedlam’s Children” (review of William Holloway’s BLACKWOOD ESTATES)

Dead Reckonings No. 30 (Hippocampus Press) “Green Hell” (review of the 2021 GREEN KNIGHT film)

“The Good, The Bad, and The Guilty .com” and “A Dog and His Boy” CHILDHOOD’S END double-anthology (Dumpster Fire Press)

Two issues of RANDOM ACCESS MYTHOSOPHY (Feb, Nov) for the E.O.D. amateur press

“Unsung” MARCH PLAIDNESS entry defending Helmet in the 2021 Essay Tournament of Grunge for Marchxness

“White Hellebore” in THE LAST TIME THE ALINE BUDDHA GOT SO HIGH (Alien Buddha Press 2.0)

Print edition of REALMS OF FANTASY RGP SOURCEBOOK III “Perils & Prowess” (Mythopoeia Games Publications)

“The Call of Chapodiphobia” in OCTOPI FROM THE SKY (Dumpster Fire Press).

(Implicit with numerous rejections and unfinished projects).

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