Crossing The Rubicon

I’m thrilled and relieved to announce the completion of three works that were a departure for me from dramatic writing.  With Mythopoeia Games Publications I dove into creative and technical writing in composing three source books for a fantasy RPG campaign setting. While doing so, I also created the very fabric of the game system rules the setting will use.  Look for some publication updates for the first work “Realms Of Fantasy Sourcebook I: Wizards & Warriors” soon.

Now the task is over and I return to literary creation.  My follow up is one essay a day this week to catch up on some important events while laboring on the Realms of Fantasy.  George Miller’s “Fury Road,” the last episode of season 5 of Game of Thrones, The Grasp Comic Expo, and the passing of one of my heroes, Chris Squire of Yes.  Chris (The Fish) passed as the final draft of Realms Of Fantasy went to the publisher and I had MGP dedicate the work to him.

Here’s the Facebook and Twitter links for Mythopoeia Games Publicatons:


Live long and prosper.

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