Year End Salud

So much more I had envisioned to post this year.  Yet it has been more productive than imagined.  As someone who breaks “a year” into three parts – Fall Semester – Winter Semester – Summer Break – my goals for the year are at least three accomplishments.  I think I got ’em.

“Bullets For Breakfast” is optioned again and going forward into 2016:

Mythopoeia Games Publications @mythopoeiaP has released two of my role-playing game works (two more slated for 2016):

The International Congress on Medieval Studies and Tolkien At Kalamazoo have accepted my paper on Tolkien’s Beowulf – The Christian Singer in Tolkien’s Beowulf for presentation at the congress in May 2016. @kzooICMS

So I will leave 2015 at that.

Happy 2016 Everyone.

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