2019 – The Year of Blade Runner

Many of you might know that already, still it has been a date in mind since the film’s release in 1982 and we are perhaps closer to that world than we were then.  Anyway that is not what this post is about but it does make for a good attention grabber.

Summation of publications for 2018 were two: Spectral Realms No. 9 and Lovecraft Annual 2018 from Hippocampus Press – although I was hoping to add Dead Reckonings 24 as well (more on that below).  Outright one of the highlights was designing Genre Studies: Weird Fiction (with critical input from S. T. Joshi) for KCAD which I will be teaching this semester.  A great prelude for StokerCon which will follow right after in May.  Lastly I was selected to write an essay for March Vladness 2019 and in a surprising assignment by lottery, I was given the celebrated classic, Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus.  Essay will be posted in Feb 2019 for voting and I’ll be asking for support once that happens.

2019 will see an article for Dead Reckonings 25 (April 2019) and a chapter in Teaching Beowulf in the 21st Century (May 2019) from MIP.  There many other works happening in fiction, poetry, theatre and screenwriting, including the long delayed Realms of Fantasy SIII: Perils & Prowess for Mythopoeia Games Publications.


Lastly, a resolution will be having this blog updated twice a month and sharing many more Writers Wanted posts.

Enjoy 2019.

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