2020 Has Begun


Here’s a little recap of my 2019 year in publishing:

“A Look Behind The Challenge From Beyond” — DEAD RECKONINGS No. 25 — Hippocampus Press
“Lovecraft’s Open Boat” — LOVECRAFT ANNUAL No.12 — Hippocampus Press
“You Know Who The Monster Is” (review of Sam L Edwards WHISKEY AND OTHER UNUSUAL GHOSTS) — DEAD RECKONINGS No. 26 — Hippocampus Press
“Perils & Prowess” — REALMS OF FANTASY RPG SIII — Mythopoeia Games Publications
“Bela Lugosi Lives/Daed S’isogul Aleb” — MARCH VLADNESS ‘– Elite 8
“You Are An Anomaly” (review of Brooke Warra’s LUMINOUS BODY) DIM SHORES (via Goodreads) —

Intent to double my work from last year (two publications) and ended tripling 2018. Next year’s goal: double 2019 — for 12 — 1 per month. So far my poem “Black Wings Return” will be in SPECTRAL REALMS No. 12 Winter 2020. Here’s to good start. Best to all the other writers, editors, and publishers I know, have met, or corresponded with and all their works of 2019.

Are we Cyberpunk enough yet?

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