March End (ness)

Starting off with a photograph I worked out this month.  I have no name for it yet, but it is likely be included as an image for something soon.  Taken on a March night with plenty of moon madness and the branches of the dark young reaching out to hold it up.


Many random events since the Ides of March…  The highest honor among them being a personal letter of mine to my early mentor and teacher of twenty plus years, the courageous and insightful Donald Freed has been added the Donald and Patty Rae Freed Foundation page.  There are few other working artists with such a Debt of Honor.

One of my Weird poems has been selected for publication in Spectral Realms No. 9 edited by the great S. T. Joshi and published by Hippocampus Press.  An official announcement on this is forthcoming as this is the summer issue due out in June.  I have also pitched a recent essay of Lovecraft Scholarship, 2001: A Lovecraft Odyssey to S. T. Joshi for consideration in the Lovecraft Annual 2018 (also published through Hippocampus Press).

While I type away on my last source book for Mythopoeia Games Publications (SIII: Caverns & Campaigns), the Return to Rappan Athuk (by Frog God Games) podcasts have resumed for We Hate Bards… Horrifying and fun.

April is looking good for more developments.  To everyone at Marmalade Dog this year — have fun.

Happy Easter.


PS – Ash Vs. The Evil Dead Season III has been a riot.



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