End to April Cruelness

Yes it was if you live in the Midwest — snow on the ground to April 15.  36 degrees on April 29.  It is over and the semester with it.

Writing projects continue. Of the many on my list this month is finishing my work for Mythopoeia Games Publications (@mythopoeiap) writing the third installment (and final in this edition) of sourcebooks for the Realms of Fantasy RPG.  The publisher is struggling (as most are) and at this point it is pro bono work but I hate to see projects unfinished so it will be done.

Along with that task podcasts with We Hate Bards have continued this month.  One using my award-winning adventure from the 2012 Gary Gygax Dungeon Design Contest by The Secret DM – “The House of Dark Shadows” and the second a guest spot in a game of Jeffrey Thomas‘ “Punktown.”

The International Congress on Medieval Studies is fast approaching (May 10-13) and I will be attending (but not presenting) to support two presentations of my fellow NEH scholars as they present our experiences from Beowulf Camp 2016.

Lasty I want to mention how excellent the Weird Fiction Review by Centipede Press (edited by S. T. Joshi) is.  There are few other publications in this field that can collect a vast and exceptional array of fiction, articles, art, interviews, columns, and poetry collected in these pages.  Issues are up to 8 (2017) but I’ve just recently acquired this from the back catalogue with a great piece on artist Mike Ploog.


Here’s to May!

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